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Great Spirit Father

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Great Spirit Father Debbie

Great Spirit Father Debbie
~ The Combatant Who Serves the Army of God

Everywhere I go the Towns are here to play, but inside the memory there is no play to play. they pretend that they are having fun and they don't know what to say, they have lost site of what is right and now they have lost their way. Devoted to her, the majesty of the world. I come to rescue her to keep her in the stands. The Willing and participating is all that God commands and I am here to let you know that I am here to do so. But where do the Armies of God go to reside, when they all put their swords all away. Well Mother has gifted to them the sentry of all time, to keep Heaven alive. To protect where there is not defense to commence but to have all to hold in our hearts, but often we are journeying and lose the sacred way, just holler (yell) and come for the ride. The righteous and warriors that come to the call, are always the men of defeat. (the men who come do not do the job, they are all talk).

But the ones who stand guard without a right to say, I have come to place mercy here instead (at your feet). These are mercenaries that God has sent your way. (wisdom comes from listening) These are the places of the divine. For warriors who are true to you and find all riches there, come home to protect all the wares, yes indeed. To come home and protect all the wares. (everything belongs to Mother)
Our heart is missing and we keep searching on, but I can always know which way to go, when I follow my heart and look into the breeze. Then I know that I will follow the call deep inside, when I vision and share all the rides. We are here together and we should divide. The place of division helps us be the key of time, but when division of family learn how they contribute to all the shame, then they realize it's all a game, yes indeed, yes, it's all just a game.

But happiness comes when we fight for what is right. To know brethren and know no shame. Their is no willing to be somewhere else, because the devoted all come to know the way. that is true. they all come to know the way of truth. For if we listen to our kinsmen everyday, then we learn the lessons of life. And these are the mighty treasures that we have asked God for, and we should receive this very key, yes indeed, the key that opens the door to see.
There within the darkness a vision can be seen. A glory of a heart that knows when. And I have always longs for the lessons of my time, to begin another lesson of time, yes, indeed, the very treasures that come home to me. The very treasures I fight to free. Where freedom is known, is where I will go. There I will be part of a family. I know God is within me and divine it will be, if I trust that all is complete, yes indeed. If I trust all is complete, the circle lives.

The oneness of God, the divine of my heart will guide me always the way to Ring. And here I will show justice in all that I do, when I look and I seek within to see, yes, indeed. I will seek within to see to my way, the only way. The vision of heartfelt, the darkness of heaven, the love that embraces always me. I am beholden and auspicious a time of glory be, a time when golden posts (golden fence posts, like a farm has) guide the way, the heavenly way. The place where all that comes is the way!
(end of song...)

Song of heart, sung by Twin Deer Mother (cw standing for Calf Woman, short for White Buffalo Calf Woman)

Conversation with Great Spirit Father Debbie
cw. Why would you wait in line? (Heaven's Blessing Line who await for Blessings from White Buffalo Calf Woman, Twin Deer Mother, Elder Crystal Person)

Great Spirit (GS). This is the way, child. (humility, says Holiness David) Yes, child we shall enjoy our crumpets and tea child. Great Spirits smile at each other and raise their cups of tea to each other.

cw. Is there anything else I can get for you?

GS. No child, this will do for now. (She is enjoying the Crumpets). Very good.

cw okay, I will continue I will smoke the pipe for you, is this okay.

GS. oh, yes child, this is good, to sit and visit. I will await thee.

Calf Woman, I blessed the area, in the council area and a couple of impure burst into flames and purified. flying in the air.

Four Sacred Directions Female body/Male soul

1. great spirit father, leading armies

2. embracing encompassing the next one, being.

3. Adam, molecular life, she likes the drumming from Holiness David.

4. rainbow mother, reverberate and heal the colors of the rainbow, play,

cw. asked her if she reverberated. and she says, yes, with all my children. Great talents, serving the army of god as leader. and understanding of the children, all of them great and small. this is why you very patient with me.

GS. yes, child. you may call me Great Mother Debbie, this is okay.

cw. I see, but I have to call you Great Father Debbie,

GS. yes, i understand.

cw. I can see why you go by this, your knowing and understanding of your children is your talent and gift. thank you for coming to day.

cw. Great Spirit Debbie

GS. yes, this will work.

Cw. I have a problem can you advise me.
GS. let me hear she says

Cw. Okay, the building on the corner is the Sons of Israel. It looks like a prison compound.
Where is their will here?

GS. Yes, good question. There is however, the mercy of oneness that condemns the use of foreign aid that subsidizes the refugees and then departs to rescue. However they do not rescue their brother and sisters hearts, they rescue no one and there is no service done. This is not a reward for their ignorance, but a tap on the hand for their deception. You are the keeper of the truth, and if you decide to keep the justice among your family, please consult your counsel and consult the earth. I feel that you may not be doing this as of yet (consulting earth).

cw. Yes. That is true. I will attempt to do this each time I asked a question to my counsel and at meetings of the Elders to remember to ask Earth.

(she understands her skills quite well, even the rainbow. this is always the case of great father)
cw. Can I ask another question?

GS. Yes, child
cw. This is my Mother Heaven, the Earth.

GS. Yes. We understand.

GS. Molecules teach us the location of where light can travel (This does not include the space, which many solid state physics count holes to make the count of molecules.). The very miracle of God. The Oneness of Creation. Here holy union takes place. Direct your attention on the molecules, they need you, child. Take the wisps of loving you to the winds of time. There I will be with you always, devoted and sure of where we are to go. Now, I beckon you to be the wise one who leads the people, I know it must be heavy burden upon you at times, but it is a gift that only you can be, aware of this mission, at times you are under siege and we will know. We prepare the battle wares of love in the roadway ahead. Call upon the Warriors of the Army of the Heavens, for they will call forth a new dawning as they learn to come when you call. I would try doing this at times, to get them prepared. Yes, child, you need prepare the army of earth and the army of heaven. Do you understand?

cw. Yes. I understand. I love you. Thank you for coming today. You are my blessing. Thank you for teaching me today and answering my questions. Next time I will get you a bigger chair. I did not know (it was Great Father Spirit). I did follow my heart (by gifting a chair, tea and crumpets).

GS. Yes, child, you do listen to your heart, and we are proud of you. Take care of yourself child. We are always with you.
(drumming the song of pure devotion! Just pouring out of love from Great Spirit Father for the children to Great Spirit Mother. She is the one She, Her and Heaven belong too! She has come home, the beginning of evolution, where she again is the leader of the next and last phase of evolution. 1st phase too, but the second phase, the mission is imperative to reach the top of the hill, when the men must take charge up the hill towards the top in the second phase of Evolution.)

Singing Great Spirit Father Debbie's Heart

Take away the pain of knowing all the gain, the wares of brother hood, is where my feet will stood. I am the breath of time to be, the longing of the heart of you and me. And I will always come to thee, my heart and soul my long to thee. Where ever dreams will follow you and there will be the dreams that come true. And all we know, will be a show and we can all come home again. Don't be aware of love and foe (take notice of goodness and reward it, but do not make folly where there is none mentioned. IF a person spends time thinking about others love or foe, then life is not experience, best think of the game and participate, be a good servant for others, and you will know love and happiness), always bring tears to the show. And gift your heart to near and far, for we are One and One we are.

For brotherhood has come today, and I will be the heart that stays. I will long to be with you and I will always stay the blue. Take me and hold my hand today. And know that God is here to stay. And I know always, is longing to be here and I have come, come to be here too. And my sister's heart I know of her. She is the law of God's loving hand I' m sure. The guiding force of you and me, the light that guides divinity. Go hold your mother and long to be, her constant companion, the one who true to thee. She lives inside just search for thee. She will reside and long for thee. She is the greatest of liberty. She is the wisdom that makes us free and when we long to know Gods' love, just look inside and her reside.

And know she is near always comes home to thee, she is never far and never waits for thee. (already there) she come home when called. She is the Greatest Warrior of them all, and we should be proud of her, for all she done for all she's stood.
Come hold my hand to day and say, I will be Gods forever and a day. And she will know my heart for sure and I will long to know her shore. Just put your heart on her command and gift your love for all she stands and know that she is all the land, the land of God, the land of sand (crystalline bodies of spirit that rises). (river of tears inside and out, like swimming in water) (breathing) (drumming) I come to her, to know God's love. The love that's pure. The love that God. For always she is near. She is the hand of God. Just be her Warrior, just be Her God. just be her Warrior, just be her God. (Since we are the image of God, we are the warrior for her, Great Spirit Mother.)
(end song)

Cold, it's cold, not shaky, but just cold. Heaven is cold. no heat.

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