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Great Spirit Father

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Prayer to Our Earthly Great Father

Prayer to Our Earthly Great Father who Guides our Flesh!
The "physical body our light" of Earth (Great Mother) Gifts

Mt. Rainier, Washington Photographer Unknown

Majesties are mighty but you are Glory indeed. Winter comes but once a year, yet you come in the Snow. The Greatest Warrior that be true is the image of thee, it's true. We believe in armies who take us over seas. The realms have gifted oceans and we have sailed the breeze and we want you to know Great Father, you often lead the show. And when we are in peril, you come to save the day. The hero of the Warriors, the hero of the show. And mighty are the rivers the transverse throughout the lands, but conquer a living mountain is only done by one. We know your mighty power that's taken a lonely stance, but we are here to find you and show you how to dance. We love you more than honey, but don't despair on us, for we are plenty strong enough because we know you are there.

Deliver us yes indeed, deliver us from shame and we are children who come to the rising sun to look in and run. By heave and haler and all that came today and more to sin, but we are mighty warriors who come to play today. But if we walk in sacredness and learn of love always, then we could become pure at heart and we could learn to play. There deep inside our hearts we think you are not there, but we know that even in the worst of times, you seem to know what's there. Can we have the moment to spare and find the key to your heart? Will you teach us to know the way, if only you could start! We the children know no gain if we do not wander over there. You are the treasure we have been looking for, now we can see the door. Now we can see the door.

It's silk and bonnet with crumpets if we dare to linger in the sun today. The welcome of the trees that grow, the welcome of the day! Our hearts grow fonder of you each passing day and we came to seek the undergrowth. We know you rest upon the hearth at night and we come to see you roost. But Father Deerest, the Greatest Warrior True, the fondest of all hearts, can we find love that knows the road, the way to all the starts. The valleys that grow till dawn and dream of better days, will they come home to greet inside? Will they come home to play? We wonder if your looking okay, if you are really tame. We suspect that you can be shamed but we also know your heart. The best thing we can do is gift to you all that we own. Our bodies our Souls our meaning for life belong to you heart and our life. We are the devoted and true to be you, the image of Godly pursuits. The justice of wisdom that comes knowing you, is what gifts us a lift from the start. It's what gifts us a lift right from the start.

Mother is Mary ("star of the sea", "wished for child"), Father is Sam ("God's heart", "One who anoints, prophecies and judges") but won't we come out to play. The sun has arisen the night past the dawn, will come another wonderful day. We the family will grow and be true, the blessed and buoyant knowing you. The image of God comes to mind when we think of you, the strong the blue and the true. We will travel over waterways of the globe to find all that is you when we know that you are here too. For we know mighty mountains grow deep inside of you, when fire lights up and steals the show. When fire lights up to steal the show. For we the children acknowledge your love, the Greatest we have ever seen. We think your the Greatest because you are true to both the love of the new. She who wanders never looks far to see you. She is always nearby. And when you are broken and torn deep inside, she shall open your eyes. She shall open your eyes.

Our hearts long for you to know that we are true. Devoted and wish for a better life. You gifted to us the possible dream that lies ahead and all that gifts us pure life. The device where bodies can strife (struggle on the journey) to deliver the justice of the knife (sever can only be done by the pure dark heavenly warrior who is the sun inside). Beckon us to be Warriors devoted and true and we will come to your call. Just letting you know now we long to lift your heart, where you can lounge and gift us a good spark (telling the kids a story, when daddy spends time with them). Where you can lounge and speak to us all night.

Sever the heartbeat to all that is true. No way. No way. No way. We know where we are beckoned, the place that is bleu (freedom). The place where all go to be Sue (female purity, marriage, happiness and prosperity, the perfect soul unites with the body for abundance overflowing, rushing river~Sioux or Snake or Law. Hear and Request!~ at the fountain of life or the radiant soul. pouring out of her love, pure, white and nourishing, like milk). We the children know not shame any more and we can find open (doors) in June (abundance). For even scales of justice will bring us the day where love come to open all doors. Where love comes to open all doors. We pray that you listen to all that we've said, so you may understand what lies ahead. We want to play again, to listen to your Heart and we can be good from the start, just guide us and rainbows delight will be yours. For Oceans of waves come sailing into seas (crashing of waves, shore to shore), the bridge of yesterday and today. Come home to us and learn how to play. Learn how to sing in the snow! (crystalline oneness, the returning home)

06.22.2009. Solstice 2009 the Golden Cow Year "Yellow Calender"

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