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Friday, October 15, 2010

Great Spirit Father Willy the Sacred Clown Act Shows Us How to Get Us Back

Image: Mat 7:24 "Therefore, everyone who hears these words of mine and obeys them is like a wise man who built his house on a rock. Mat 7:25 The rain fell, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, but it did not collapse because its foundation was on the rock." 

Image: This only occurs with daily fire and water blessings, a sacred life is known. Protection is your home! In the House of Winds, these four walls, offer us safe refuge.  The rainbow colors gift to us this house (buffalo home or holy temple of four sacred directions, where additional two more directions blow the winds).  And our soul, spirit within, lives there, where the winds blow with many relative spirits, who are pure and impure. Only sacred blessings, cleanse our inner and outer world. Rainbow Warriors practice this behavior. We have become the star (star of David, 6 directions, which are blessed), strong is the crystalline form, where there is no harm, on the crystalline stone river of One!

Beloved Relatives,
Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, your Father Red Hand and I,White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother, gift daily prayers to many. This day, we could not access the internet and the list to offer prayers. Sow we decided to gift a Sacred Song Blessings to a Great Spirit Father (usually spirituals ask me).  I sent a Spirit to go and fetch a Great Father to give a song to.  I depended on my beloved Spiritual Staff to give to one who is in need or one who is true.  This is the correspondence between Great Spirit Father Willy (gf) and myself (cw). Holiness David (hd) is playing the sacred drum for us, as with most sacred song blessings, we gift to the world.
your devoted servant, White Buffalo Calf Woman

cw: Aho (greetings that say, heavenly flight or may your spirit fly)

gf:  Aho child/ren

cw: Could you give us a moment, please have a seat and someone will get you something to drink/ to eat?

gf:  Nods (Sitting down waiting. A bit impatient, after being called. He arrived so quickly).

cw: (He is putting his feet up). Thank you Great Father, We would like to give you a song. What name would you like to use?

gf:  Child, you tell me, my Great Name (Crystal persons can read the Book of Life, and Great Father knew it).

cw:  Great Spirit Father Willy (William), the Sacred Clown Act.  Interesting. We shall sing your heart song now.

Sacred Song Blessings Heart Song for Great Spirit Father Willy (William), the Sacred Clown Act

From Whence I came upon a stone (crystalline stone river, but also the crystal form of perfection of a house of winds). I think I will be bound to know.  My heart is still, but rampant be will, it's time for us to linger on home. We are bound to show, the ripples in the snow, where your heart was set free, looking over majesty (looking over heavenly stars, expanse).  And where our hearts are known, all the others grow and are shown, just like little flowers in the snow, we do grate (it was like, we were grating a potato into little pieces) the mighty rainbow.

And in a cloud, a line of love, fills our hearts, when tears do spill.  And I need you to know my name (respectfulness, godliness), to fill your heart, to know the perfect game.  It's where we step inside our laps (head in lap), where we do fill the hearts of need inside. We are embraced with love, always chided from above (holder chiding and embracing with love). And our hearts are true, always living to the clues.

Which way do I go, up to the royal snow(true blue who bless), or down, where (Great Spirit) Mother lives, upon the rock she gives (third rock from the sun, where dreams come true). And now, we hold our heads, inside the royal bed (true blue warriors unite and
bless), living in love with our names (heavenly name, mission and tools of light*), giving like doves to fulfill again.  Have peace in your heart.  Know all the parts. Give all you have, to those who are sad (embrace relatives, all of thee).  And when we fly to heavens high, we enter glory land, where we stand (upon the rolling hill or waves of rainbow colors, receiving God's dream pure, where red -flesh, light- and blue -soul, dark- cross paths, a dream is born at last).

Give in all you do, hold to all the clues. And when we rise, up to the skies. All we do know, does ground and grow. Just plant the seeds to eternity.  We have a dream, collectively.  We are a miracle from the same tree (oneness, relative in space to each other, proximity, is relatives).  And we should bee (dream our impossible dreams), to laugh and burn (bless with fire), to purify, those who don't have lives.  We are heart of those who are near, just reach out and learn, how to sacrifice and burn (fire purification).  Give up what you don't need, fill all the leaves (relatives) with trees (get them to stand up, alone serving the collective in other words taking their place in the Oneness of God). Give your heart and your hands, start to demand.

We are on heaven's road, coming home for gold.  And it's our hearts that lead, if only we could acheive.  Reach inside of you, pull all the clues, tell stories deers, it's not just mirrors.  And we could bee, a heart set free, if we are true, to the heart of you.  Come hold my hand, we can fly in the eternal land.  We can go to this world, inside of heaven's hand.  Galaxies our yards (paradise), our eternal clouds.  It's heaven come home, where Earth is our loom (folding us together).  Take hands together, pray for the weather. Come where we collide, have one more hide. Then let it out. Scream and shout. Tell the world, you have come home. Tell the world, we are on our own (this universe).

But I stand with you.  I am the heavenly view.  I bring peace to your heart, when you don't know your part.  This is Father Deer (great journey of life), who leads the cheers.  And we are on a war dance to eliminate the chance, of those who leave, down from easy street, into misery they don't understand, let us wipe this from the face of the land (ignorance).  Reach out to him. Hold her again.  Be one singular heart.  Let us never be apart (divided).  And when it's true.  Our hearts are glue, then we are loving indeed, knowing how to breath (the flight of freedom, heaven bound). 

*heavenly name, mission and tools of light (four sacred directions of rainbow colors) offered by, elder crystal person, just ask for your gift)

*gf: Thank you child (speaking to white buffalo calf woman).  Thank you little one (speaking to holiness David running eagle).  My true blue (speaking to both of us now). I love you.  Thank you, and I must go and run, to save the guns from letting go (violence, misinterpretation), without any blow (truth). Teach love to you. Teach forgiving views. Know we are here, heaven's heart is clear (off he goes, fades away, it was good to have him rest at the beginning, as it seems he is very busy indeed).

cw: Okay, that was a really great song.  Aho to Great Father, as he helps heal the world. "Share your heart, tears are heaven's part. I love you!" inspired by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star.

Beloved Relatives,
Great Father Willy left by way of a heavenly cloud. Whenever there is a cloud, fire and water mix, or light and darkness collide. Here is medicine, unity. Often Clowns are considered Medicine Persons, and many Medicine Native Americans are various names which mean Clown, for instance Katchina. Clowns bring those in despair with tears they do bare, to laugh at themselves, when they do wrong. Pick up your stance and walk right, by leaning without any plight, with sacred actions that lead to the loving laugh, the blue sky at last. When we travel inside these clouds, we are healed.  Sometimes the droplets are really fine, like fog. Sometimes the droplets are like rain, or heaviness of moisture, getting ready to rain.  This describes the size, but the cloud is always light and dark, often mixed with all the colors of the rainbow, just like heavenly painted views. Healing occurs differently to all persons, depending on the need. I have seen this over and over again in Sacred Spirit Walks, where we fly with our souls to a destination to visit and explore. But each time, a healing is always learned. It's quite wonderful to envision, when others are healed.   

Describing the departure experience, and it went like this. I have to show you. When two hands are together (Next to each other, palms together, like in prayer) and one moves away, this would be a separation, departing waves (energy moves). But it was like 1two hands together, 2fingers bent 3folding fingers laced (two realms, light and dark, the roof to the house) 4and womb of empty space is formed, within there is an expanse of a cloud5 (door entrance thumbs). Inside this was empty space, yet united peace.  No collision, but a great expanse. When he departed it felt as if he did not leave, even though he had to go somewhere else, yet staying within our collective oneness, he really didn't depart, just in another place of God's house. There are just so many rooms in the mansion of Great Spirit Father's house. And we are the Great Grand Children, the Rainbow Clan.  It felt like Great Spirit Father Willy Sacred Clown Act, diffused into the area, by first creating space, by folding it together, the light and the dark.  Then with breath, he expanded the space, to hold the universe.  He then proceeded to move about in the universe as if it was just another room down the Great Hall.

Holiness reminded me of another action with the hands, often taught to children to remind us of God's house.  Same as above, 1the hands are folding/cross finger tips inside rather than outside (claw like, sky lights or windows to your house) and 2the thumbs are the doors (next to each other) and 3the steeple is the two index fingers raised above and touching at the tips. 4Open the door, thumbs towards you, open your hands, unfolding action, fingers upward (wiggling around), rolling towards you, palms outward, and thumbs forward. You would then say, "There are all the people." The saying goes, "1Here is the church (space), 3here is the steeple (direction), 2open the doors (receive each other) and 4here are all the people.

Great Spirit Father Willy Sacred Clown Act taught us all so much.  We bless his sacred nine directions, and success to his adventure, healing the world.

your devoted servants,
White Buffalo Calf Woman and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star
elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter and elder lavender person, wicasa wakan or holy man. Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy.  Welcome Home to you! 

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Great Spirit Father you give your love, always seeking a place for us to know refuge. And it's a day when you come and learn, that you little children don't know how to burn. Follow the Red Road, the law of love, but it's not been easy, not at all. There is much to do, and we do depend, on all your children to love you this stead.  We are turning our heads around, looking and loving all you do with sound.  now it's time for us to give you praise, for all you have done, in the last turning phase. Heaven is coming so near us now, maybe we can sit down and have a talk.  We have longed to be with you, telling stories having a great gratitude. Don't forget Great Father, we long for your return. We shall sing for all you do and earn. Hoping some day, you will be near our hearts, and you will stop long enough to impart.  Come on home Great Father. Come on home and share.  Come on home Great Father, it's time to dare. Come on home Great Father, bring your heart to rest. Pick up your feet and be humble and take a rest!

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