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Friday, October 2, 2009

Great Spirit Father the Wise Wizard Who is Complete, Heart Song

Great Spirit Father picks up the stick! (Elders Migration Agenda where all pick up the stick to speak)

He says, my child do not fret, we are hear to lead the way, into the new dynamic wisdom of the ages, I ask for you to sing a song of my heart, for all those who need me in this perilous time. 

Great Spirit Father the Wise Wizard Who is Complete (name he is called by)

His Heart Song begins

The ringing of time is everywhere, the sound of credit is near to there.  But we don't look inside of hope because we worry out there.  And we could look up to the moon, to see the sun is shining there, but we don't look outside our selves  because we fear what is near.  The heart of love is everywhere and we do need to bare the soul to heaven is inside of thee, when you just choose to bear. 

We need the comfort of family, the ones who come to care.  But many times we don't seek and find, but always look out there, we are the family of one you sea, the sailing across the breeze and we can hold you close to us, when you come home to sea. There is wisdom inside of you, just look and bear it all, for we are here to hold your hand, to make you come so near.  Hold on to me, Great Father in the breeze and we will sail away, to be with you, forever true, when you just trust all you do.

Heaven is nearing our family heaven is coming home and when we learn to dance and sing, then maybe we will stay by the phone, the place we listen to the springtime, to blossom radiantly.  We keep a record of time within, so we can find the glee, the glee of you and me it's true, the glee of eternity, to lead with man, the reflection of man, the penis (leading like light that always leads the way forwards and back home, the hero of light, this is why men are always our heroes) that gifts you me (eternally as the man leads us homeward).  I am the man you see, I am the way of glee,  I am the eternity, because of light that bears in me.  I am the way of love, I am searching above and I bring life from you to me, when we seek love outside it's true, but it all comes from inside of me.  The heart of me the tree of life, comes when we are eternity, the strings of hope (songs of the heart strings that sing glory) that shed the way, to lead the light in thee.  We are the light you see.  We are the leading way of men.  We are the way of light and life to be the way of men.

I am your Great Father, I am the way of love you see, I am the way of love in you, for I always look after thee.  Come hold my hand today, we are all going to pray.  We are the leading lights of men, the way of love again.  Oh, we are the way of men.  The man that leads the way, the light of heaven upon the shore, the way we lead some more, whoo oh oh oh oh (rolling hills waves of transmission of lights, our voice that echoes).  We are the leading men, the lights that gift us life.  We are the heaven's glow for we are coming home.  Now eternal circles do know, eternal circles do glow and we are going to the same place before and now we can catch the glow of the shining shore.

Oh, we are the light men, we are sin of man, we are seeking eternal light, but we don't know how to fight, I left the laws for you, and I left the seas for you, and now it's time for (Great Spirit) Mother to come home, to the light of all time.  For woman is coming home.  She is left the heart of blood (the law of love, the red road over rolling hills), for she is coming to dance again, to bring us the shame of sin, she says put it away, and forgive this day, for under your feet are glowing defeat, of fire that knows the way.  I am your Great Father who is here, and I say, that I am near, just hold my hand and understand, that armies lead the way.  I am over here.  I am what is near.  I am leading armies of God, the circle of life inside the heart.  We are man, you see it's near, we are men, it's the way of peers the brotherhood is coming home, to bring us to the land of shedding combs, the place of wonderment we don't know, if only we could follow the show, when we know of men.  the light that radiates all sin, and we are going home this day, to bring us to the leading way, where penises (light realm of mankind and men who are our heroes) are going to stay to lead the warriors and their ways.  By listening to the woman's heart, by listening to all her advice, for we are fighting for one thing and that is love for her.  Oh we are men this day, to bring it all home to stay, to her who is waiting at home, to her who is standing upon the loom (weaving of destiny the fields of green grass, the house of God or Oneness our perfection within each and together).  Oh we are men who pray, we seek blessing each and every day.  For warriors are pure, when they choose the door, of love and sacred ways.

End of heart song! Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman and Drumbeat by Holiness David

Great Father speaks: my heart blossoms in the springtime, but often when the fall comes, we don't realize the greatness the planting of seeds that make us grow again.  Let our children lead the way, forever and a day. listen to them, be good children and my children remember to pray.  I leave you with this word, come home and be absurd, for playing and dancing gets rid of defeat let joy come on home this day.  I put down the stick down.

Fire Offers Purification

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